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EN About

Pure, Natural, Healing

I was making the jewelry pieces on Broadway in NYC with my master, a Cuban artist named Alan, whom I met through a single turquoise ring. We were more like performers, rather than jewelry designers, being surrounded by spectators, who were watching us work...

Master Alan was making Indian protective necklaces. He taught me that each stone has its own special meaning and that they are cherished as spiritual protection. Ayazakura emerged from my love for the inherent power and meaning of natural stones.


Ayazakura's unique designs start from the selection of the natural stones.

By traveling to various countries, the stones were hand-selected, based on their origin, cut and feeling. Those one of a kind stones were transformed into pieces of jewelry, which maximize their inherent powers.

Many pieces were inspired by the colors and harmony experienced through the connections with elements of nature, such as, the ocean, sky, earth, seasonal flowers, plants, and space. Total number of pieces created thus far exceeds 10,000.


Moreover, in addition to maintaining the original style based on natural stones and wires, the pieces are made to not carry extra metal parts, and feature lightness and comfort with hand-made wire clips, hooks, and ring settings. By choosing your favorite style, stones, and a perfect fit, custom pieces, that are possible because they are hand-made individually, are popular.  


With "Pure, Natural, Healing" as the main concept, natural stones, a gift from the nature, are used as they are, in combination with a single strand of wire to enhance the inherent power of the stones. I hope my pieces will bring serenity to their owners and help bring out their inner charm. 

Aya Mikuriya

Ayazakura Jewelry Designer

Born in Osaka City in 1978.

Moved to NY in 2001, and started a jewelry brand, "Ayazakura." Studied in Jewelry Metal Technique at FIT. Opened first store in NOHO in NYC. Upon receiving the BEST ACCESSORIES AWARD at NY INDUSTRY212, her work was featured on NYLON and VOGUE magazines.   


After returning to Japan, stores were opened in department stores and art spaces, mainly around Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto areas. She hosts workshops throughout Japan. Additionally, she actively travels to NY, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Brazil to source materials and gain inspiration.


While utilizing her own experiences in NY, regardless of where she travels or where she makes her jewelry, her heart emanates outward, from Japan to the world, as suggested in the brand name, "Ayazakura." Japanese sense of beauty, or a Japanese taste, is also represented in her pieces.


Moreover, as a mother herself, she aims to create a work environment where moms and women can work with their own unique circumstances. To this end, she collaborates with staff with specialized skills in web design, photography, marketing, and product display as "Team Ayazakura," to realize a new form of working women.

EN Works

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EN Workshop

Jewelry Making Workshop

I am involved in both the beginner's workshop, which start with the meaning of the stones, to advanced workshops, where more precious stones are used. You are free to select not just the type of natural stones, but also the styles of jewelry, including earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendant charms.


At the workshop, the inherent meaning and effects of each stone are explained, and the design is conceived through discussions with the participants. Aya, the designer, will offer thorough guidance and assistance in a small group setting, such that the workshops are friendly for the first timers. Rather than forcing a predetermined design, Ayazakura's workshop honors freedom of originality, as such, it has attracted popularity as a department store event.The workshops are held in art studios, off-site locations, and various event venues. Depending on the location, children's workshops are also available.


There is a growing number of people making their own jewelry, parent-child pairs or couples making presents, and men making bracelets and rings.  There are several variations to Ayazakura's workshops, including, the wine and cheese Night Workshop and the outdoor Picnic Workshop.

EN Experience

2001   Starts a jewelry brand "Ayazakura" in NY

2003   Studies in Jewelry Metal Technique at FIT in NY

            Gains attention of a soul singer, ERIKAH BADU, both the

            pieces and the artist are featured in a magazine.

2004   Enters pieces in NY - INDUSTRY(212) @ Jacob K. Javits

            Convention Center. Receives "BEST ACCESSORIES AWARD."

2005   Enters pieces in Tokyo - INTERNATIONAL FASHION FAIR

            @ Tokyo Big Sight.

            Opens store in NOHO in NYC.

            Recieves “JAPAN BEADS CONTEST AWARD.”
            Completes Diamond Essentials Certification at the GIA

            NYC campus.
2006   Enters pieces in London - NOKIA PRESENTS FASHION FAIR.
            Appears on Nippon TV's "NEWS24."
            Enters pieces with Psling in NY - BUBBLE THE KIDS TRADE SHOW    
            Creates custom jewelry for Shiseido NY, which was given to
            its customers as Christmas gifts.

2007   Enters pieces in Washington D.C. - THE JAPAN AMERICA SOCIETY
            OF WASHINGTON DC 50th

2008    Jewelry making workshop at Laforet Harajuku in Tokyo

2010   Opens store in Kyoto Fujii Daimaru.

            Opens store in Isetan Shinjyuku store.

            Featured on its Christmas catalog.

2011   Opens atelier in Osaka.

            Opens store in Osaka Takashimaya.

             Jewelry making workshop at Department of Art and Child Studies
            in Kyoto University of Art & Design  

            Ayazakura 10th anniversary appreciation fest at Unshu-do.

            Solo Exhibition at Arton Art Gallery

           (Annex, The museum of Kyoto)

            Appears on Asahi Newspaper and Mainichi Newspaper.

2012   Spring & Summer Collection at Isato Design Works

            Ayazakura appreciation fest at cafe ABSINTHE.

            Opens shop in JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan.

            Fall & Winter Collection at Isato Design Works

            Opens shop at Christmas event “Marché de Noël”

            in Tokyo Midtown.

2013  Opens store in Hankyu Umeda

           Opens store in Ginza Mitsukoshi

           Opens store in Daimaru Shinsaibashi

          Opens store in Roppongi Hills

           Solo Exhibition “Ayazakura Museum” at Spiral Gallery

           Opens store in Seibu Ikebukuro

          Opens store in Abeno Harukas

          Opens shop at Christmas event “Marché de Noël”

          in Tokyo Midtown.

2014  Opens store in JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan

          Opens store in Hakata Hunkyu

          Group Exhibition at Gallery Arai

          Opens store in Oasaka Takashimaya

          Enters pieces in Hong Kong - Shopping Hong Kong

          Opens store and workshop in Isetan Shinjuku

          Ayazakura appreciation fest at hood cafe

          Opens store in Takashimaya Kyoto Kwaramachi

          Opens store in Roppongi Hills

          Opens store in Isetan Shinjuku

          Group Exhibition at Gallery Arai

          Opens store and workshop in Takashimaya Kyoto 


          Opens shop at Christmas event “Marché de Noël”

          in Tokyo Midtown.

2015  Opens store in Seibu Funabashi

           Group Exhibition at Gallery Arai

           Opens store in Seibu Ilebukuro

           Solo Exhibition at galerie n107

           Spring & Summer Collection at Isato Design Works

           Opens store and workshop in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

           Opens store in Takashimaya Tamagawa

2016  Pop-up stores in Tokyo Toyoko, Shinjuku Marui, Sogo Chiba,

   Kintetsu Abeno Harukas, and Sebu Funabashi 


   Over 1,000 Likes on Facebook page 

2017  Opens store at entre-filles in Minami Senba, Osaka

Noho (New York)

Spiral (Tokyo)

JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan (Osaka)

EN Contact

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